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Public Radio Music Day - Oct 26, 2022
KGNU Celebrates Public Radio Music Day on October 26 Stations across the country showcase how public radio music stations unite local artists and support them through live concerts and music discovery events.

KGNU is participating in the third annual Public Radio Music Day on October 26, 2022. KGNU joins fellow noncommercial music stations, performers, and fans across the country to recognize public radios essential community service and unique role in the music world locally and nationally.

Millions of listeners tune in weekly to hundreds of local public radio music stations like KGNU across America to discover, learn, and enjoy a mix of music selections, artists, and genres that are, in many cases, available only on public radio. Announced in July, this year's theme - Discovering the Sound of Local Communities - spotlights public radio stations return to producing live local concerts and music discovery events for their communities across all genres.

KGNU is proud to be a part of Public Radio Music Day and will continue engaging music fans, artists, and musicians through on-air, live local events and performances, dedicated studio sessions, fan and artist stories, special programming and hand-curated playlists.

About Public Radio Music Day: Public Radio Music Day is hosted by the noncomMUSIC Alliance and its partners. The noncomMUSIC Alliance celebrates nonprofit, local public radios role in connecting artists with the communities who enjoy and support their music. Established in 2018, the Alliance currently has more than 150 partner public radio music stations, all locally owned and operated, yet united by their shared values of music discovery, curation, preservation, performance, and community.

To learn more about the noncomMUSIC Alliance, visit noncomMUSIC.org.

More information about Public Radio Music Day and local events across the country is available at: PublicRadioMusicDay.org.



Created:10/26/22, Modified:10/26/22, expires:10/25/22, priority:1