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One Year On, We Remember Those We Lost
A year after the Table Mesa King Soopers shooting, we continue to mourn the senseless loss of life that took place in our community. We also remember the tremendous acts of kindness, generosity and countless displays of a heartfelt community coming together to support those directly impacted by the tragedy.

At KGNU our heart and soul continue to go out to everyone impacted by the tragedy at King Soopers that took place a year ago today March 22nd. We will continue to strive to be a proactive agent in the ongoing healing that the community is working through.

Our deepest thoughts are with the family and friends of everyone impacted as we commemorate this day of remembrance.

The KGNU News Department spoke with Judy Amabile as we remember the tragedy.

Listen to the story here

Created:03/22/22, Modified:03/22/22, expires:03/23/22, priority:1