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Together denouncing racism and anti-Black violence!
It seems unthinkable to have to write this note in the year 2020 after centuries of blood, tears, resistance, and movements struggling against the same blatant racist and anti-black systems. But here we are, the violence against and killing of unarmed Black lives is as commonplace as ever and now the country has risen up to say enough is enough! Yet again.

For centuries the media has cloaked the genocidal and racist foundations of the country by villainizing, demonizing, dehumanizing, demeaning, and disenfranchising Black people and non-whites. The media has produced and perpetuated mass narratives justifying the systematic and institutional violence against Black people, violence designed to deprive people of their basic human rights, dignity, and decency.

Once again, in the aftermath of the heinous murder of George Floyd, just the latest in an escalation of horrific state-sanctioned killings of Black men, women, trans, and youth, we saw and heard much of the commercial media define people across the country expressing their fury, mourning and outrage as violent, looters, outsiders, criminals, while characterizing the massive street demonstrations and collective expressions of resistance as chaos and riots, simultaneously presenting a narrative to normalize the over-aggressive military response to the protests.

As so many have already expressed, silence is not an option in the face of injustice. As a media outlet, we must be part of the solution, highlighting, and amplifying conversations on the root causes of and responses to the institutional racism and injustices that continue to steal lives and futures.

In order to best support our community, we recognize that we must first examine our own biases, opening ourselves to listening, and to becoming uncomfortable, removing blinders, recognizing privilege, and prioritizing personal and organizational transformation while challenging existing institutional oppressions. While we do not pretend to have many answers, we can make a difference by choosing to embark on an imperative journey together to explore how we build on centuries of efforts to dismantle racist, violent and discriminatory practices to build better more equitable systems based in mutual respect and a celebration of the cultural and racial differences that make our communities stronger.

As such, KGNU is committed to expanding our own anti-oppression training within our organization with a focus on anti-racism, patriarchy, and privilege. Were further committed to working with community partners to improve trust in local media, developing spaces for community conversations between community members, media outlets, and journalists while focusing efforts on investing in the diversification of the local media landscape and supporting emerging journalists of color.

We are committed to fostering inclusive equitable practices, communities, and governance first and foremost inside our organization, and by proactively working toward building an inclusive and socially equitable local media landscape by challenging all forms of discrimination. We believe by working together and embracing our differences, we forge stronger, more resilient, and inclusive communities.

Standing together now against racism and anti-Black violence, positive change can be made.
Humbly and in solidarity,

Tim Russo
KGNU Station Manager


Created:06/08/20, Modified:06/08/20, expires:06/11/20, priority:1