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BUY ONE + GIVE ONE - Making a Difference Together
The effect of COVID-19 on businesses across the Front Range is especially disruptive to local charities and nonprofit organizations that depend on donations to provide critical services to our community. Losses in funding limits their ability to provide assistance and recruit volunteers.

Local nonprofits need our help.

Demonstrate your community support by partnering with KGNUs Buy One Give One campaign.
  • Select a nonprofit organization of your choice as the recipient of your act of kindness
  • Invest any amount, $500 or more, to secure 20 second on-air messages, Monday-Sunday, which can be used to air your branding message and to give messages to help a favorite nonprofit
  • Receive a one to one match of additional messages on your investment to air now through September 30, 2020.
On your behalf, your KGNU Underwriting Representative will contact your chosen nonprofit to share your generosity, craft messaging that includes your company name as the funder and confirm broadcast dates. Also, your KGNU Underwriting Representative will email you some copy examples so you can see how this copy will sound.

Well even provide you an audio file to share with your employees.

Some local nonprofits that need our help now are listed on the next page.

Whats next?

Pick the Nonprofit(s) youd like to help, we have provided a list below, but this is not representative of all the nonprofits that need help, feel free to select your own.

Indicate the amount youd like to invest; and your representative will work out the details with you.

Please contact Kenneth Flowe, Senior Underwriting Manager, Kenneth@kgnu.org, (720) 317-7230 with any questions or to get started today.

List of Nonprofits that are on the front line of COVID-19 and need help now:

Boulder County
Metro Denver

Fort Collins



Created:06/04/20, Modified:08/14/20, expires:09/20/20, priority:8