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Cajun fiddle and accordian workshops with Preston Frank and Ed Poullard

Creole Fiddling With Ed Poullard

Ed Poullard plays an older style of Creole French music, having studied twice under Creole fiddle legend Canray Fontenot, courtesy of two Texas Folklife grants. In addition to teaching some more obscurer songs youve likely never played before, he will demonstrate how the elements of his style can be incorporated into songs you already know. In a 2015 interview with journalist Herman Fuselier, Poullard explained that the difference between Cajun and Creole fiddling is predicated on the bowing technique and the rhythm played to obtain a funkier, blues-related sound thatll drive audiences wild. Poullard has instructed at many music camps including the Augusta Heritage Cajun-Creole Week and Folkroots Balfa Camp. He encourages students to listen to recordings by Canray Fontenot, his brother Danny Poullard, Cedric Watson and of course, himself.

Tickets for the fiddle workshop with Ed Poullard

Cajun Accordion with Preston Frank

A link to traditional zydeco and an era that has gone by, Preston Frank may be most famous for giving mega-zydeco star and eldest son Keith his start as a drummer as a child. But hes also famous for his composition Why Do You Want to Make Me Cry that is part of the repertoire every zydeco band plays today. The senior Frank has been laying down his fearless bayou groove; yet traditional zydeco for decades thats a combination of zydeco, old-time Creole, Cajun and soul that will make you wanna shake what it took your mama nine months to bake. Like Poullard, Frank is a familiar sight and instructor at Louisiana Folkroots Balfa Camp where he teaches by example and encourages participation. Come learn from one of the last of Zydeco's living legends.

Tickets for the accordian workshop with Preston Frank

Both workshop take place at KGNU's Boulder studios from 11:30-1:30 on Saturday Feb. 23rd.

KGNU Boulder Studios in Boulder, Sat at 11:30 AM


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