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KGNUs Media Gardens Listening Station at the Arts in Society 48 Hours Exhibition
KGNU is honored to invite you to our Media Gardens Listening Station part of the Arts in Society 48 Hours Exhibition. This year's exhibit will feature the Arts in Society 2017 grantee cohort, which KGNU's Media Gardens is a part of. A listening station with radio productions created by youth who have participated in the Media Gardens program will be exhibited in RedLine, a socially engaged contemporary art center. As part of the 48 Hours summit, a gathering of artists, activists, educators, and arts administrators, the RedLine Arts in Society program will present an exhibition that showcases arts organizations and artists working on socially engaged projects funded through the Arts in Society grant program. The listening station features an artistic media garden created by artist Omar Fuentes Sangabriel using repurposed non-working audio gear found at KGNU's studios, and is designed to express the blossoming of youth's voice and empowerment, that nourishes and helps us thrive as a community. The Arts in Society exhibit is on view from August 10, 2018 through September 9, 2018 at the RedLine Contemporary Art Center, 2350 Arapahoe Street in Denver. The exhibit is free and open to the public.

More about the Media Gardens Project and KGNUs Listening Station at the Arts and Society 48 Hour Exhibition:

KGNU's Media Gardens is a project designed to engage bilingual youth through the exploration of media, music, and culture in the digital and analog frontiers. Participants in the Media Gardens become seeds to amplify youth voices and perspectives from their community by acquiring critical media literacy skills and media production skills.

Through a hands-on and collaborative model for teaching media literacy and empowerment, the aim of Media Gardens is to increase impact on the lives of youth by offering more media training opportunities and access to media tools. Training sessions offer youth the skills to produce stories and music through their own lens by exploring basic radio production skills, creating stories and songs, along with other creative sound resources. Using these formats, youth learn to script, produce and record compelling stories that artistically reflect their cultures and realities, while acquiring crucial media literacy skills.

KGNU's Media Gardens will be exhibiting a listening station with radio productions created by youth from Genesisters Boulder and Longmont, The Longmont Youth Center, and The Youth Opportunities Advisory Board of Boulder City. The public can don a pair of headphones and listen to different playlists that feature stories that give voice to youth experiences on immigration, peer pressure, courage to be who they are, community resiliency, adults and youth views about each other, as well as friendships, hanging out and having fun. Sound artist Jiffer Harriman developed the sound box mechanism that allows visitors to hear the playlists with the push of a button.

What: KGNUs Media Gardens Listening Station at the Arts in Society 48 Hours Exhibition
Where: RedLine Contemporary Art Center, 2350 Arapahoe Street, Denver, CO 80205
When: August 10, 2018 - September 9, 2018- Tuesday - Sunday 11AM to 5PM
More information: redlineart.org

RedLine Contemporary Art Center in Denver, Sun at 05:00 PM


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