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KGNU's Summer of Fun Membership Drive - July 11- 16

We at KGNU support you in upholding your unalienable right to the pursuit of happiness, whether you are attending one of the many KGNU Presents summer music events, or one of the KGNU Resistance Radio Calendar activities defending health care, workers rights, civil rights, womens rights, GLBTQ rights, communication rights, or other long-fought-for freedoms that have come under increasing attack. In honor of our right to pursue happiness, KGNU dedicates the summer membership drive to the Summer of Fun, filled with the programming and activities you depend on, enjoy, and engage in all summer.

With your help, KGNU needs to raise $30,000 to sustain a summer of community programming that includes many live broadcasts from your favorite festivals and events. Your new or additional contributions and ongoing support make KGNU possible. Help us knock a day or two off our Summer of Fun Membership Drive this July 11th through July 16th by contributing today.

At KGNU, were planning on pursuing happiness throughout the summer. Whether you join us at the KGNU Boulder Studios on Bike to Work Day to enjoy fresh-baked cobbler and Ozo coffee at our breakfast station, try your luck at winning a few great summer festival ticket giveaways, help take Summer of Fun Membership Drive pledges, pledge your support with a few bucks; join KGNU for our exclusive live broadcasts of RockyGrass or the Arise Festival; or come with KGNU to the 27th Annual Rocky Mountain Folks Festival, NedFest, or KGNU's very own 29th Annual Charles Sawtelle Mountain Jam at the Gold Hill Inn, you have every right to enjoy your summer with KGNU.

Let us thank you for your support, we have tons of fun summer activities for you to choose from during the drive. Or, as always we have great t-shirts, cds, and book for you to choose from!

Let's do it together! Call (303) 449-4885 or pledge your support online today.
Thank you! Support like yours has kept KGNU amplifying community voices, music, and culture for 39 years!

What: KGNU's Summer of Fun Membership Drive
Where: KGNU, 88.5 FM, 1390 AM, 98.7 FM, 93.7 FM, kgnu.org
When: July 11- 16
How: Call (303) 449-4885 or donate online at give.kgnu.org

Would you like to volunteer? Contact evan@kgnu.org


Created:06/27/17, Modified:07/11/17, expires:07/16/17, priority:1