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KGNU seeks a Music Director
KGNU seeks a talented, creative, versatile, ambitious, and personable individual to serve as KGNU's Music Director. This is an intensely demanding Full Time position that serves under the general supervision of the Station Manager. The Music Director is responsible for administering, coordinating, directing, supervising all activities related to the KGNU Music Department.

As an eclectic, freeform, volunteer-programmed station, the individual must be able to relate to a wide range of musical styles including but not limited to Americana, Bluegrass, Classic Country, Dub, Electronic, Funk, Gospel, Hip Hop, Indie Rock, Jazz, Latin, Modern Composition, Native American, Opera, Punk, Reggae, Ska, Unclassifiable, World, Yodeling, and Zydeco.

KGNU's Music Director will work directly with a large diverse volunteer base, volunteer programmers and DJs from all walks of life. The position is based in Boulder, Colorado and includes coordinating work and attending to the Music Department needs between multiple studios in Boulder and Denver.

Core Duties include but are NOT limited to:
  • Choosing, planning and developing music programs, with advice and approval from the Program Committee and Station Manager, and in cooperation with other staff and volunteers.
  • Recruiting, training, coordinating and supervising music programmers, informing them of their legal responsibilities and on-air duties.
  • Writing and circulating a weekly newsletter to Music Department Volunteers
  • Keeping required FCC records as needed
  • Reporting on required charts and reports to music organizations, including CMJ and SoundExchange.
  • Maintaining the top music charts

  • Scheduling regular music programmers for all music programs
  • Coordinating regular shift meetings with volunteer programmers, organizing shift captains to help coordinate and schedule.
  • Monitoring on-air quality by establishing and implementing regular reviews of music programs.
  • Developing training for on-air djs to cultivate a diversely talented on-air volunteer dj base.

  • Initiating and maintaining contacts with music networks and producers regarding music programs.
  • Maintaining contact with music producers and distributors to ensure that KGNU is receiving high-quality music.
  • Overseeing review of new music for our broadcast studio and music library.
  • Maintaining and updating the music library.
  • Implementing, organizing and expanding the digitalization of the KGNU music library

  • Strategic development, creative collaboration, and content development for KGNUs all music AfterFM.com website project.

  • Ensuring proper on-air promotion and forward promoting for music programs.
  • Working collaboratively with staff and volunteers, to obtain appropriate premiums and goals for all membership drives.
  • Overseeing on-air fundraising efforts of music programmers.
  • Serving on Program Committee and other committees as designated by station manager.
  • Overseeing and expanding remote music broadcasts, including live broadcast and streams from local music festivals and venues.
  • Coordination of music interviews and live performances.

Required Qualifications:
Proven Commitment to Community Radio
Understanding and application of freeform programming philosophy
Audio editing skills
Office Suite/ Google Suite (calendar etc)
Data base management
Ability to Multi-task
Patience and tolerance
Ability to lead a diverse group of music lovers
Experience working and coordinating volunteers
Excellent communicator and interpersonal skills
Extremely talented radio DJ
Demonstrated project management skills
Demonstrated Training Skills
Strong oral and written communication skills
Strong organizational and time management skills
Familiarity with and commitment to the KGNU Mission Statement

Desired Qualifications:
Knowledge of DMCA/Sound Exchange
CMJ/Music Reporting
Music Tracking
Experience Communicating with Record Labels, Venues and Musicians
Advanced Digital Audio Editing (Adobe Audition, Audacity, Cool Edit, Soundforge, etc)
Automated DJ/Radio Software
Basic Audio Engineering Remote Transmissions
Bilingual English-Spanish
Social Media (Twitter, Facebook)
Understanding of FCC Regulations and Music Regulations as applicable to Radio
Experience with managing fundraising campaigns
Proven ability to grow audience and market share
Basic content management experience with Wordpress/ColdFusion/Joomla
Previous experience coordinating live remote broadcasts
Experience using Mailchimp, Vertical Response or similar

Please submit a cover letter, current up to date resume, three professional references and 2 links to interviews/features that you have conducted or produced and/or 2 links to archives of select shows for which you have been the DJ. DO NOT SEND AUDIO FILES - ONLY LINKS TO AUDIO. In your cover letter please explain why you have chosen your submissions, how you are qualified for the position and what your vision is for the KGNU Music Department. Please address how the skills and qualifications that you possess will help you lead the KGNU Music Department into a new era.

Cover Letters should be limited to 3 pages maximum.

KGNU is committed to diversity and inclusiveness. KGNU is committed to providing an equal employment opportunity and environment that is free from discrimination and harassment based on race, age, creed, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, sex, gender, disability, veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or pregnancy, or any other characteristic protected by state, federal, or local law. We strongly encourage applications from all genders, people of color, and people with disabilities.

Please submit applications to job@kgnu.org or mail applications to KGNU Music Director Search Committee, 4700 Walnut St., Boulder, CO 80301. No phone calls please.


An automatic confirmation will be sent to each individual who submits an application. Subsequently, ONLY APPLICANTS INVITED TO INTERVIEW FOR THE POSITION WILL BE CONTACTED BY EMAIL OR PHONE BETWEEN DECEMBER 3rd-10th.



Created:10/31/16, Modified:12/02/16, expires:12/01/16, priority:9