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Credit Union Membership and Credit Card to Support KGNU
Credit unions are a cost-effective alternative to commercial banks. Our long-time partner, the BME Federal Credit Union, merged with the Community Financial Credit Union (CFCU) and is member owned, so it cannot be bought or sold. CFCU offers a full range of financial services and returns any surplus funds, in excess of expenses and reserves, to the membership in the form of better rates, services, and dividend payments.

Membership in CFCU is affordable to all KGNU members.

With the merger, CFCU will be phasing out KGNU's Visa Affinity Credit Card as of September 30. You can get a new MasterCard Platinum Rewards Credit Card and still help benefit KGNU with your purchases.

Here is how it works. CFCU has developed a charity donation option that members can use during CFCU's holiday rebate period (November 21st to January 16th). During this time, members will be able to redeem points for a donation to KGNU.

If you already have a KGNU Visa Affinity Credit Card, we suggest you convert to CFCU's MasterCard Platinum Rewards Card as soon as possible. You may be able to get 10,000 bonus rewards points if you convert to before September 10th or 5,000 points if you convert before September 30th.

And if you don't already have a CFCU credit card that helps support KGNU, it is never to late to get one. Join the CFCU today and show your support for community radio.

Call 303-469-5366 or click on the link below for more information.

Created:07/22/15, Modified:05/10/16, expires:05/09/16, priority:9