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KGNU and the 67th Annual Conference on World Affairs
KGNU is proud to again collaborate with the 67th Annual Conference on World Affairs to present a week of special programming. Tune in to KGNU throughout the week to hear these special panels and discussions.

If you missed a broadcast or want to listen again, go to our news site, News.KGNU.org


A Public Affair 8:30-9am: Why A Face in the Crowd? A discussion on this year's Cinema Interruptus pick. Panelist David Bender with moderator Sam Fuqua.

Metro 3-3.30pm: Journey of Hope: A Decades-Long Struggle for Human Rights. Panelist Magdaleno (Leno) Rose-Avila with moderator Irene Rodriguez

Outsources 6.30-7pm: Sensuality and Success. Panelist Evelyn Resh with moderator Karen Raforth.


How On Earth 8.35-9am: Biomimicry: A New Lens on Technology and Innovation PanelistMargo Farnsworth with moderator Kendra Kruger.

Metro 3-3.30pm: The War on Drugs: Winners and Losers. Panelist Sahno Tree with moderator Samira Rajabi.

Hemispheres 6-7pm: Catalyzing Marginalized Communities in Latin America Panelist Theresa Williamson with moderator Joe Richey.


A Public Affair 8.30-9.50am (live broadcast from UMC 235): Politics and the Culture of Fear. Panelists David Bender, Joe Cirincione, Lou Dubose, Robert George, Sanho Tree with moderator Gavin Dahl.

Metro 3-3.30pm: Beyond Disability, Panelist Tamar Heller with moderator Elzabieta Kosmicki.


A Public Affair 8.35-9.30am: Kids and Technology. Panelists Andy Ihnatko & Anna Caltabiano with moderator Maeve Conran.

Metro 3-3.30pm: Can Music Bring Us Peace? Panelist Adrean Farrugia with moderator Shareef Aleem.

Its the Economy 6-7pm: Alternative Currencies. Panelist Will OBrien with moderator Liz Lane.


Connections 8.30-9.30am.: Ecological Economics. Panelist William Rees with moderator Roger Wendell.


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