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KGNU's Holiday Wish List
Here are a few items we could really use. Pre-loved is fine, but in good condition:
  • A very small chalk board for the front desk
  • Glass drinking glasses
  • Ceramic salad bowls
  • A smart phone (an older model is fine) for taking pictures to upload
  • Chaffing dishes for events
  • 2016 Calendars to hang in the studios
  • A kitchen faucet with tall neck that doesn't leak
  • A quality piano in good condition for use in our live performance studio
  • A round folding table
  • A couch for our community room, in good condition
If you can help KGNU with any of these items, please email Evan Perkins or Tim Russo, or call 303-449-4885.

Thank you! We wish you all the safest and happiest holidays.


Created:12/17/13, Modified:12/10/15, expires:12/31/15, priority:1