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Upcoming Music Specials
Tune in for these special pledge-drive music shows:

3/17 - St. Patrick's Day Special (9:30am-Noon)

Karl Kumli brings you a very special edition of the Morning Sound Alternative with a focus on all things Irish. This St. Patrick's Day special comes your way from 9:30am-Noon.

3/18 - Pink Floyd: Before the Rise of the Moon (Noon-3:00pm)

An incredible retrospective of Pink Floyd's early years leading up to "Dark Side of the Moon" - be prepared for a deep exploration of rare and lost material.

3/19 - A Moment with Uncle Tupelo (10:00am)

Uncle Jeff brings you a unique feature on Uncle Tupelo, complete with special thank you gifts. A brief exploration of the band that led to Wilco and Son Volt, Uncle Tupelo was one of those magical musical moments of the right people in the right place at the right time.

3/21 - King Crimson Special (Noon-3:00pm)

Michael Buck and Uncle Jeff team up to bring you this expansive look at King Crimson on the Afternoon Sound Alternative. Three hours of Crimson, complete with live material and deep gems from the archives.


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