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Kids Week
On the Morning Magazine we'll hear stories about youth sports concussions, home schooling and gang prevention. Boulder High students bring us stories about issues that concern teenagers, and we'll hear from Denver Public school elementary students as they tackle the question of healthy eating in Eat Your Radio.

Claudia Cragg looks at the issue of childhood poverty on Its the Economy, Thursday 6-7pm.

And on Connections at 8.30am Friday March 4th, Kathy Partridge and Liz Lane look at mental health and children.

Kids Week Shows that have aired

On Monday February 28th, on the Morning Magazine, KGNU producer Susan Glairon brought us a story on youth high school athletes suffering concussions:


We also heard from 5th graders at Centennial Elementary in Denver as part of the Eat Your Radio project, as they looked at SuperFoods:


Eric Karnes spoke to the people behind Growing Up Boulder on A Public Affair:


On Monday February 28th at 6.30pm on Outsources, Liz Lane spoke with Rebbecca Shepard, an 18 year old 2010 graduate of Boulder High. She has just published her first collection of poetry called And I am always leaving. Liz Lane spoke to Rebecca recently about her writing, her experiences as a gay youth and her work at OUTBOULDER--a resource and refuge for LGTBQ youth in Boulder:


On Tuesday March 1st on the Morning Magazine, we heard from Erika with Boulder High Youth Media about her fear of speaking in public:


On Wednesday March 2nd, Joel Edelstein discussed parenting with Nancy Cummins and Debbie Young:


As part of the Eat Your Radio project, the 5th graders at Centennial Elementary in Denver discuss goal-setting:


On the Morning Magazine on Thursday March 3rd, Marisha, a 5th grader at Centennial Elementary in Denver, discussed her plans for getting fit and healthy as part of KGNUs Eat Your Radio project:


Dr. Gabor Mate joined us on March 3rd for a live call in show on child development, parenting and creating strong families:



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