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Credit Union Membership and KGNU Visa Platinum Credit Cards
Credit unions are a cost-effective alternative to commercial banks. The BME Federal Credit Union recently merged with the Community Financial Credit Union, and is member owned, so it cannot be bought or sold. The Credit Union offers a full range of financial services and returns any surplus funds, in excess of expenses and reserves, to the membership in the form of better rates, services, and dividend payments.

Membership in CFCU is affordable to all KGNU members.

Save money when you use your KGNU Visa Credit Card and support your favorite public radio station at the same time!

Now you can show your support for KGNU every time you use your credit card. KGNU and CFCU are partnering on a new KGNU Affinity Visa Platinum Credit Card. Here is how it works:

All KGNU members who join Community Financial Credit Union are eligible to apply. The KGNU Affinity Visa Platinum Credit Card consists of three-tiers. Each tier is assigned a fixed rate and the interest rate assigned is risk based.

The KGNU Affinity Visa Platinum Credit Card will be assigned one of the following rates, all rates are based on credit worthiness:
  • Visa Platinum - retail 14.99% APR* cash advances 17.99% APR*. No rewards attached.

  • Visa Platinum Rewards retail 10.99% APR* cash advances 17.99% APR*. Rewards attached.

  • Visa Platinum Rewards Plus retail 8.99% APR* cash advances 17.99% APR*. Rewards attached.

The KGNU Affinity Visa Platinum Cards will have no annual fee. There are no balance transfer fees, so you can transfer balances from other high interest rate credit cards.

KGNU receives cash rewards for each transaction you make when you use your KGNU Visa Credit Card.

What a great way to give all year long to your favorite public radio station!

Apply for a KGNU affinity Visa credit card today!

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Rates are subject to credit approval. Standart underwriting guidelines apply. The Rewards program is based on member credit worthiness. Not all members will qualify for a credit card with rewards.

All KGNU Affinity cards will be risk based and underwritten per Community Financial Credit Union's loan policy and guidelines.

IN ADDITION, if you receive the Visa Platinum Rewards or Visa Platinum Rewards Plus Credit Card, all cash rewards you earn will be given back to KGNU on an annual basis. It is an easy way to give a little more to your favorite community radio station.

Call 303-441-7800 or click on the link below for more information.

Created:10/05/09, Modified:10/20/14, expires:10/19/14, priority:9