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KGNU's budget is relatively small because of the work of its 200 plus volunteers.
Still, money is required for KGNU's operating budget: programming, maintenance, salaries...
This is why we ask you, the KGNU listener and supporter, to help pay for KGNU's day-to-day operating costs with your membership.
If you value KGNU, as an alternative to corporate media, as a source of independent views and music, as a resource to be cherished and cared for, it's up to you to make it grow.
Please do so with your membership.
Your contribution to KGNU on-line supports programs like
- Democracy Now!
-The Morning Sound Alternative
- Alan Watts
- Old Grass Gnu Grass
- This American Life
AND helps us pay for the system that delivers these programs: our redesigned website, expanded server capacity, our source to shift to open source software and renewable energy to power it all.
So, Join now!
How much?
On the average, your fellow KGNU listeners pledge over $100 / year. Here's the data.
We encourage you to pledge $88.5 (that's our frequency - clever, eh?) or $120 ($10 / month with an Automatic Fund Transfer).
But we'll gladly accept your membership at the basic level of $40 ($30 for students and single parents).
Many KGNU supporters want to do more. Here are some ways you can put more money into KGNU.
  • Call us or email us about a challenge grant to encourage others to pledge by increasing their contribution with your match
We are fiercely protective of your privacy:
  • We ask you for permission to use your name to thank you on the air.
  • We don't share our mailing list with anyone.
  • Only three staff members have access to the membership data.
  • The membership data is on a computer that is not connected to any other computers, in any way.
Payment options
You can pay for your membership:
  • with a Credit card: securely online or by phone
  • with a check or cash
  • with an AFT - Automatic Fund Transfer ($5 / month minimum); call us for more info.
How do I join?
You can join KGNU:  
For your membership, you get to help support a very unique radio station for one year.
Also, if you you would like, we'd be glad to give you a thank you gift (a premium).
This also gives you an opportunity to see our studios when you come to pick-up your premium.
KGNU offers a wide selection of premiums: CDs, books, concert tickets and a variety of other items.
As a thank you for becoming a member, we'd like to offer you:
- T-Shirts!
- CDs of talks by KGNU favorite speakers or a music compilation on CD!
These are typical premiums, though other premiums may be available at other times, and certain high value premiums may require a higher level membership.
The premium level depends on your membership level.
Please understand that we may be out of your requested premium, in which case we will offer you an equivalent one.

So Join now!
Level $ 30 / $ 40 $ 60 $ 88.5 $ 120
Premium 1 item (CD or book) 2 items 3 items 4 items
To choose your premium:
  • During our pledge drive, ask for a particular premium offered on the air at that time.
  • If you call during our pledge drive, the operator can help you choose a premium.
  • At any time during business hours you can stop by and browse through our library of premiums.
  • If you join securely on line, as a premium you can choose to download to your computer an MP3 file of a talk given by some of KGNU's favorite speakers. For your pledge of $40 or more, enjoy the convenience and the quality of some of KGNU's top talks. To do so, when becoming a Member of KGNU on line, select the MP3(s) you wish to download from the "Premiums Desired" dropdown list. You will receive a username and password by email. 
Membership Discounts and Offers
The following businesses support KGNU with offers to KGNU Listener Members with a current membership card. (pdf version)
Name, link Type of business Location / phone Offer
Black & Read Bookstore Book and record store 7821 Wadsworth Blvd / Arvada; 44th & Wadsworth / Wheatridge; 303-467-3236 10% discount
Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art Museum 750 13th St. / Boulder; 303-443-2122 2 for 1 admission
Denver Museum of Contemporary Arts Museum 1485 Delgany Street, Denver, 80202 2 for 1 admission
Twist & Shout Record store 2508 E. Colfax Ave / Denver; 303-722-1943 10% discount
D-Note Restaurant 7519 Grandview Ave / Arvada; 303.GO.DNOTE (303-463-6683) 10% discount on pizza Monday Thursday and a free Odells tap beer
Boulder Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union Credit union 2800 Arapahoe Ave / Boulder; 110 E South Boulder Rd. / Lafayette; 303-441-7800 Eligibility for BME membership
Boulder Financial Realty Real estate company 2961 Broadway in Boulder, 303-442-2626 Donates 5% (after tax) to KGNU plus 5% of any commission earned back to buyer, or any non-profit of buyer's choice