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Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors
Please join us for the Annual Meeting of KGNU's Board of Directors. During this annual event, the Board will hear reports from the Station Manager and the various staff members, take public comments from the volunteers and community, and vote on the next years Executive Committee.

6:00 Call to order / approval of agenda / approval of minutes: Jon/Ris
6:05 Opening remarks: Jon
6:15 Volunteer/public comment
6:25 Staff reports: Staff
7:15 Station Managers report: David
7:25 Break
7:35 Committee reports: Committee Chairs
8:05 Nomination and vote on Development Committee Chair: Jon
8:10 Approve Redress Committee members
8:15 Nomination and vote on Executive Committee members: Joy/Nomcom
8:20 Adjourn
KGNU Boulder Studios in Boulder, Mon at 06:00 PM


Created:11/07/13, Modified:11/07/14, expires:11/10/14, priority:9