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Phone Shifts During the Spring Membership Drive
Mark your calendar! Sign up for a shift below, or let Evan know which shift works for you to help take phone pledges. There is always food and experienced people around to help.

Click the button below to sign up online, or call 303-449-4885.

The shifts are:

AM News: 7/7:30-9:30 AM
MSA: 9:30 AM-noon
ASA: noon-3 PM
PM News: 3-6 PM
Music: 6-9 PM; 9 PM-midnight

Honky Tonk: 6/7 - 9 AM
OGGG: 9 AM-noon
Terra/Reggae: noon-4 PM
African Roots: 4-7 PM
Music: 7 PM-midnight

Roots & Branches: 9 AM-noon
Tributaries/Living Dialgues/New Dimensions: noon-3 PM
News Block: 3-5 PM; 5-7 PM
Eclipse: 7-10 PM
Dub Palace: 10 PM-midnight


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